Teleste public safety and mobility

We provide professional video and information management applications, systems and services for public safety authorities and operators as well as public transport operators and rolling stock manufacturers. Our portfolio meets the highest international standards and requirements for demanding operational environments and large-scale, integrated implementations.

Our mission at Teleste is to make your everyday life easier and safer when you are on public places or using public transport.

Our solutions and technologies secure your safety in cities, such as Paris and Stockholm, and improve situational awareness in public transport systems such as the Helsinki metro. In addition, you can see the results of our work in hundreds of trains, trams, metros, and stations, which are used every day by tens of thousands of passengers in Europe and North America.

Mobile video surveillance in city and nationwide video surveillance systems

Our guide aims to present key insights and practical knowledge on achieving efficient, safe and secure mobile surveillance operations. Furthermore, it provides guidance on seamlessly connecting mobile video sources as well as mobile clients to the main Video Management System.

Easier and safer everyday life

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