Teleste on-board connectivity

On-board system communication is based on redundant Ethernet backbone. On-board network provides reliable communication backbone for all on-board equipment. A wide range of network components with dynamic IP addressing provides reliable communication within the vehicle.

Key benefits

High system redundancy and reliability

High network reliability is reached by redundant network topology and redundant connections to the network equipment’s. Redundant network topology enables fast detection of possible network failures.

Highly configurable on-board network

The network topology can be adjusted based on specific solution needs and routings can be easily configured. Different physical components e.g. WLAN access points can be easily added to the network.

Easy network management

The on-board network has a centralized switch management that enables easy configuration. The network is managed though a user-friendly web-based user interface.

Protected against cybersecurity risks

The on-board network data is protected from cybersecurity risks by using secure protocols. Our solutions are designed for high information security and privacy, and our evolving technologies ensure that your data will be kept safe at all times.

Teleste On-board solutions

All on-board systems

With our on-board solution and its subsystems, you can provide easier and safer journey for passengers on the move.